I went to Chris because of an issue with my back. He was Incredibly knowledgable with a style unlike any sports/deep tissue massage I've had in the past. The big difference being that there was no intense pain during the session at all.


Admittedly I was a little sceptical of that, thinking it can't possibly have gone deep enough into the muscles to have helped, but immediately after the session I could feel an improvement, and, after following some excellent home care advice he gave, I went from being unable to move (and at one point breath!) to running half marathons again in a few weeks!

One of the best things I found with Chris is that there was no pressure from him to book further sessions. He gave me a great set of stretches and exercises to carry out at home but, unlike some other therapists I've seen, they weren't accompanied by the standard "...and you should have a session every 3 weeks." 

No pressure, no pain, really knew his stuff and fixed the problem I went to him for. Can't really ask for better than that.

Paul C

I've been struggling with back pain for many years. I have tried different kinds of massages, but only when I met Chris I understood that a massage can not only relieve pain but also prevent the pain in the future.

I have been working with Chris for almost a year now, my back feels a thousand times better then it did before. Chris is a very patient person and devoted to what he is doing, and he understands the pain limit.

Chris not only helps with the massages, but he has recommended me a lot of exercises to go with my treatment. 

Marta M

I went to Chris with a recurring pain in my heel. The treatment I received was pain free yet incredibly effective. As well as weekly consultations (which he never pressured me to have); Chris gave me stretches and exercises to do at home which complemented his therapy.

Chris has a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience and uses this to explain clearly what he is doing and why. I am delighted to say that my pain has been eradicated. Chris is a fabulous therapist who I would recommend wholeheartedly and will definitely use again.

Sam E