About Me

Chris Surridge is a sports and remedial massage therapist based in Wooburn Green

I have always been interested with the human body and its adaptability when it is put under stress – both good and bad. The way it changes to overcome situations has always had me fascinated.


From an early age I was heavily involved in martial arts, the training I received instilled in me a respect and an understanding that the human body has many capabilities, but that to maximise its potential, the ‘whole’ instead of the ‘part’ has to be in tune. 


I started my career in the health and fitness industry, where I initially trained as a personal trainer, this gave me a good understanding of the body in relation to movement, performance and potential. However, it quickly became apparent to me, that functional exercise shouldn't be a standalone tool in the treatment of soft tissue rehabilitation. I wanted more knowledge and to become an expert regarding the prevention and treatment of soft tissue injuries, which led me into the world of massage where I decided to train at the prestigious North London School of Sports Massage, a leading school in the field of soft tissue therapy.

Here my knowledge grew and just being around experts in the field of soft tissue therapy gave me a different perspective and understanding of the body and the way to treat it. I have found that I have now returned to NLSSM as a Lead Tutor, helping to pass on my knowledge to the new generation of soft tissue therapist.