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Why should you get a Sports and Remedial Soft Tissue Massage Treatment?

CJS Muscle Therapy is a Sports & Remedial Massage, and Dry Needling (medical acupuncture) therapy treatment that is based in Wooburn Green. This is extremely close to High Wycombe, Beaconsfield, Marlow and Gerrards Cross.

We offer detailed, individual treatments for people who are suffering from muscular pain and for people who want to improve or recover from their chosen sport.

Treatments consist of Sports and Remedial Massage and/or Dry Needling (which can be booked as a standalone treatment). We use a wide range of advanced massage techniques that will get you back to feeling your best again. It’s not another ‘generic’ massage, as we actually assess and treat the symptoms you present with to get to the route cause of your issue.

If you are seeking treatments for improving in your sport such as running, cycling, tennis, golf, martial arts, swimming etc then our treatments are based around the actions that you perform, to ensure that you are working to your full potential with ease. This will not only prevent injury, but will make you more efficient in your sport.

Benefits of Sports Massage

· Reduces pain

· Improves flexibility

· Increases sporting performance

· Enhances recover times

· Prevents injury

· Positively impacts emotional wellbeing

What does Remedial mean?

Remedial massage is integrated into all our treatments. This includes the assessment, treatment and homecare that we include to get to the route cause of a problem. We want to get you out of pain and for you to stay there, and just massaging the area that hurts isn’t always going to get to what is causing the issue. If you want to continue to be out of pain this is a must in your treatment.

How many sessions should I book?

This is really a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question. We never say that you should book 6 treatments and you will be pain free, as everyone is different. Some people will only need 1 session and that is enough to get to the source of their pain, others take longer.

Many of our clients will have maintenance treatments. These treatments are geared towards reducing the likelihood of injury, keeping you in the best possible shape. Times between treatments normally vary between 4-6 weeks for the average client. Again, though it’s all about you as some people can go longer without needing to see us.

Will it hurt?

Pain thresholds are different, however we never aim to produce high levels of pain. Painful massages are an old school approach that should have died off with the dinosaurs. It has been proven that you do not need to experience high levels of pain during treatments, in fact these can actually cause more harm than good. There may be times during the treatment that are slightly uncomfortable, however you should never feel like you want to scream out or jump off the table. We respond to the tissue and what it wants, and that isn’t high pain levels. Pain does definitely NOT equal gains.

What should I wear?

Clothes that you feel comfortable in. Some people will wear shorts and a T-shirt, but as long as it is loose fitting (no jeans please) and you feel comfortable, it really doesn’t matter.

How do I book

We have an online system that is simple and easy to use, follow the link here

Do you have any questions for us that haven’t been answered above? Then contact us by emailing or call us on 07743950231

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