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Is pain or discomfort stopping you from being able to participate in the things you love to do?

Maybe that's playing in your chosen sport or hobby. Being able to play with your children without having to worry about the impacts that it may have on your pain levels. Maybe it's stopping you from living a normal, care free life.


You are not alone.


Many of our client's have been in the same position and are now living life to the full. Pain free. 

Are you ready to take the steps to a happier, pain free you?

What we do...

It's not just about reducing pain. Our goal is to positively change lives

Advanced Sports and Remedial Massage

Dry Needling - Medical Acupuncture 

Neurological and Brain Based Assessments and Treatments

Tailored Homecare to compliment your treatments 

CJS Muscle Therapy Founder

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Chris Surridge

Chris is a soft tissue pain specialist who utilises sports and remedial massage, dry needling and functional rehabilitation exercises to help you achieve your goals. His approach is very holistic, meaning that his assessment and treatments go way beyond the area of discomfort. This includes the interrelationship of your nervous system and soft tissue and how the different types of stress can impact your recovery. 



Monday - Friday 8:00 - 19:00

Saturday 8:00 - 13:00

Sunday - Closed 




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Paul C

I went to Chris because of an issue with my back. He was Incredibly knowledegable with a style unlike any sports/deep tissue massage I've had in the past. The big difference being that there was no pain during the session at all.  

Suzie B

Since treatment with Chris started, my back pain and mobility have improved significantly. He is a very talented therapist with who listens and provides excellent client care in a pleasant and private environment. He delivers muscle manipulation in such a way you don’t feel uncomfortable at all. I cannot recommend him highly enough. I have said many times that he is no ordinary sports massage therapist and wish there was another category beyond that as he would be at the top!

Marta M

I've been struggling with back pain for many years. I have tried different kinds of massages, but only when I met Chris I understood that a massage can not only relieve pain but also prevent the pain in the future.

I have been working with Chris for almost a year now, my back feels a thousand times better then it did before. Chris is a very patient person and devoted to what he is doing, and he understands the pain limit.

Chris not only helps with the massages, but he has recommended me a lot of exercises to go with my treatment.

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