Why choose CJS Muscle Therapy?

1. Treatment - CJS Muscle Therapy treats the cause and not just the site of pain. If you want your recovery to be quicker and more effective, discovering the cause of the problem and treating it, is vital if you don't want the injury to reoccur. With a detailed assessment and treatment plan, we aim to get you back to feeling your best and pain free in the quickest time possible. 

2. Knowledge - Chris is an assistant tutor at the prestigious NLSSM, so you can have the confidence that his knowledge is of the highest standard and is continuously developing and being kept up to date. Being at the forefront of the latest information in the field ensures that you get the best treatment for your needs. 

3. Our dedication to you - Along with therapy treatment, we aim to educate you so that the power to remain happy, healthy and pain free isn't just a fleeting moment and is in your hands.  

CJS Muscle therapy also work closely with other professionals and experts in their field (osteopaths, nutritionists, strength and conditioning coaches etc) and if we think that your situation and the symptoms you present with, will be best suited to another professional, then we will not hesitate to refer you. 

I have always been interested with the human body and its adaptability when it is put under stress – both good and bad. The way it changes to overcome situations has always had me fascinated.



I went to Chris because of an issue with my back. He was Incredibly knowledgable with a style unlike any sports/deep tissue massage I've had in the past. The big difference being that there was no pain during the session at all.