ScarWork Therapy

Scar work therapy is the brainchild of Sharon Wheeler. It is a non-invasive treatment that uses very subtly techniques to treat scars and their relationship with the rest of the body.

One of the main aims of scar work therapy is to improve the quality and behaviour of the scar, so that we can bring balance, wellness and increased function back to the scar tissue and the body as a whole.


Some scars are very visible on the surface and some are not, (keyhole for example). However, even though the appearance of the scar may look uniform and tidy, underneath the surface, the tissue can be disorganised and tell a different story, causing dysfunction and pain to the body.

When scar work therapy is used, the purpose is to create order within the soft tissue, by using gentle manipulative techniques that should be pain free. Changes are lasting and it doesn’t matter if your scar is 3 months or 10 years old, anyone can benefit from the treatment!



  • Increased mobility and movement – scar work therapy can improve mobility through the tissue by creating space, positively effecting movement    

  • Reduce pain – nerves can sometimes become constricted by tissue. Scar work therapy may help to reduce pain and discomfort, allowing nerves to glide more easily

  • Encourage better healing – by encouraging circulation into the area and reducing adhesions, the scar and surrounding tissue will be placed into an improved position for optimal healing  

  • Improve connection and function in relation to the rest of the body – scar tissue and adhesions can affect the way one part of our body interacts with the next. By improving the connection between the tissue, overall functionality may increase

If you're intrigued and what more information on ScarWork Therapy, then why not check out our blog! Alternatively, you can contact Chris for more information or book your assessment and treatment here.

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