Online Stretch and Mobility Classes

Start your day the right way with our

online Stretching and Mobility Classes!

  • Increase your flexibility and mobility

  • Build your strength, coordination and proprioception (muscle awareness)

  • Reduce pain

  • Correct your posture

Classes are specifically designed for people who want to know the best exercises to perform for improving their mobility, strength, and general health.

What will the sessions entail?

  • Stretches that will help increase flexibility

  • Mobility movements that encourage a better range of movement 

  • Core and strength exercises 

  • Foam roller techniques

  • AND more!

The classes are 30 minutes long and class numbers are capped. Meaning you get excellent tuition, and you receive the best possible experience.

When are classes held and what will I need? 

Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday mornings and Monday evenings. All mobility and stretching exercises are body weight and can be modified to make them easier or harder. There may be times when we use foam rollers, however if you don't own one it doesn't matter, as a towel makes for the perfect replacement. 


10am & 7pm