Exercise Rehabilitation

A Unique and Specialised Way to Exercise

Rehabilitative Training


An essential part of becoming pain free and ensuring you stay happy and healthy is to include movement into your daily life.


Movement and rehabilitative exercises should compliment you and what your body needs. In our experience, it is not about how much weight you can lift or what the person next you is doing, it’s about allowing you to move and live your life in a pain free, functional way, that is personal to you and your circumstances.

  • Prevent injury

  • Increase joint stability

  • Improve muscle control and proprioception (sense of self-movement & body position)

  • Reduce Pain

That’s why at CJS Muscle Therapy we do things a little differently.

The unique approach of CJS Muscle Therapy means that our assessments and exercise paradigm includes assessing your vestibular system, cerebellum and brain functionality, and it’s relationship to how you move and experience pain and dysfunction. We then design and deliver your programme to meet your needs in a pain free way.

Who can we help?

  • Chronic pain sufferers  

  • Chronic, long lasting tension

  • People who have trouble with coordination during complex movements

  • Balance and vestibular problems

  • If you suffer from weak muscles


This list here is by no means exhaustive.

If you have found that traditional forms of therapy haven’t worked for you and you are ready to take the steps to becoming pain and injury free and moving better, then we would like to help you.

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